Complete Business Google Slides


Present all the details of your business with this Complete Google Slides Template that contain a complete business plan story tell with all you need to present like a professional.


Complete Business Google Slides Template

If you need to present all the details of your project, this complete Google slides template is perfect for you. Cause contains a lot of full editable slides with the perfect structure to create a clear history tell, while you present each slide. As a result, your audience will be caught for the fluid of your presentation at all moments. This template uses a beautiful theme color and perfect shapes.

This google slides theme is designed to cover all business sizes, since the little startup or a big company. You just need to add text and it is done.

Some Features

  • Real Analysis Diagram
  • 135 Unique Slides
  • About the Company
  • Brand Background
  • Problem Analysis
  • Proposal details
  • Solutions
  • Advantages
  • Market Analysis
  • Social Networks Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Brand Perceptual Map
  • Market Insights
  • Simple Business Model
  • Canvas Business Model
  • Investing Slide
  • Google Slides Template
  • Regional Investing Slide
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Team Section
  • Matrix Diagram
  • Schedule Slides
  • 2019 Calendar
  • Timeline
  • Pestel Analysis
  • Quotes Slides
  • Advisors & Investors Slides
  • Organization slide
  • Iconic and Numeric Goal Slides
  • Prices Table
  • Marketing System
  • The 4 Ps Slides
  • The Evolution of the Marketing Mix
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Funnel Diagram
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Gallery
  • Devices Section
  • Break Slides
  • Brand Lifetime
  • Maps
  • Vector Icons

This Google Presentation included a detailed Help File with the common questions about the general edition.

You can find help about images, icons, fonts, as a result, you will edit this presentation without waste your time in the process, but if you need more help you can go to our Help Center

To use Google Presentation just need a Google Account then go to Google Documents. This is a free platform where you can edit also share your presentations with your coworker partners or clients.

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Complete Business Google Slide Template

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