How to Change Fonts in Google Slides

Keep your audience focused by choosing the right font. A great way to keep your audience without losing any detail is choosing a perfect font, easy to understand font with the perfect size. In this post, you’ll learn to change the fonts in your presentation.

How to Change Fonts in Google Slides

  • First, Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  • Second, Select one or more textboxes whose font you want to change. To select more than one, hold the Ctrl/Cmd key while clicking the text boxes.
  • Finally, Go to the toolbar, click the Font drop-down arrow and choose the font that best suits your needs. You’ll see an arrow next to some fonts. If you hover over one of these arrows, a list with the different available styles for that font will be displayed.

How to Change All the Fonts of the Presentation in Google Slides

  • First, you can change the font of all the texts in your presentation at once. This can be done from the master slides.
  • Access the master slides by clicking the Slide → Edit master.
  • Select the master slide (the first one).
  • Select one or more textboxes in this slide and change the font by selecting the one you want from the Font drop-down list. The top text box controls the slide titles.
  • Finally, close the master slides by clicking the “X” button in the top-right corner of the editor and make sure the changes have been applied to the slides.

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Change Fonts in Google Slides